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The Genesis

Like the ocean, many components in life can only be maneuvered through, not controlled. We don’t choose our body, parents, identity or anything else at the beginning of our journey. In time we are moulded by people, experiences, and most importantly are DNA in which provides an instruction manual for every living organism on earth. An Outlier isn’t something a person chooses to be, it is a lifestyle that chooses the individual. The word “Outlier” means a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system. Established in the winter of 2013, Outliiiers' continues to collect tremendous momentum with founding members, Griiief, and Satiii, building a platform for music enriched with prosperity, positivity, and love. Recognised for true individuality in the hip hop universe, Outliiiers abides to the meaning their name is based off. Being and accepting who you are, no matter what.


9 year barsmith from Mexico “Griiief”, brings empowering songs with witty and informative lyrics. Born in Queens, New York, Griiiefs sound resonates an essence of some of the top hip hop legends. It is difficult for Griiiefs pieces to go over the listeners head due to his simple yet meaningful way with words. "Griiief" means the furthest things from sorrow, with origin of his name deriving from El Griefo meaning Marijuanna user. However, don’t be fooled. Griiief is out to positively impact the direction of hip hop with songs like “For the Youth” providing  of the name to “Elated” explaining what true love embodies. Griiief’s music is so thoughtful it is felt, not just heard.

Outliiiers A.K.A Buddha Heads



It was written, as Outliiiers seemingly formed by fate. Satiii also known as Islam Abdelwahab was a transfer student at New Brunswick High School, where he would soon meet Christian Alvarado or The Infamous in theatre class. Eduardo Romero, who also goes by Griiief considered Infamous as family. The three would create remixes to some of hip hops classic instrumentals from “Quiet Storm” by Mobb Deep to new age beats such as “La La La” by Mac Miller. With both Griiief and Satiii having close friendships with The Infamous, the three would indefinitely begin to work together to build the empire known to day as Outliiiers. The three artists would start locally performing in their hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey and move forward to open up for big names such as Fred the Godson and Freeway. Today, The Infamous is family man, who continues to release raw seasoned content strictly off the top of the head but isn’t actively pursuing music. Nevertheless, Outliiiers is a bond between three brothers that cannot crumble.


Creating music for under half a decade, the only thing faster than Satiii’s raps is his progress. Versatility is visible in Satiii’s work switching his tempo frequently on tracks. Whether a hype instrumentals or soulful R&B instrumental, Satiii’s doesn’t seise to fail tapping to the beat of the listeners eardrum. 
Born in Staten Island, New York Satiii’s always had a love for music, and would soon dream of being a rapper at 9 years old before changing his desire. It is no coincidence he would soon pick up the passion for art years later because of Griiief and embark on the journey they’re currently pursuing today. Satiii’s is an experienced writer with the ability to share Concious content through a flow unheard before.

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